# Installation

# Requirements

  • Ruby on Rails >= 6.0
  • Ruby >= 2.7

# Installing Avo

  1. Add gem 'avo' to your Gemfile
  2. Run bundle install.
  3. Run bin/rails generate avo:install to generate the initializer and add Avo to the routes.rb file.
  4. Generate an Avo Resource


Run this command inside your rails app.

rails app:template LOCATION='https://avohq.io/app-template'

# Next steps

Please follow the next steps to ensure your app is safely secured and you have access to all the features you need.

  1. Set up authentication and tell Avo who is your current_user. This step is required for the authorization feature to work.
  2. Set up authorization. Don't let your data be exposed. Give users access to the data they need to see.
  3. Set up licensing.